Channel support for threads.

Note: This is part of the system module. Do not import it directly. To activate thread support compile with the --threads:on command line switch.

Note: Channels are designed for the Thread type. They are unstable when used with spawn

Note: The current implementation of message passing does not work with cyclic data structures.

Note: Channels cannot be passed between threads. Use globals or pass them by ptr.


Channel*[TMsg] {...}{.gcsafe.} = RawChannel
a channel for thread communication   Source Edit


proc send*[TMsg](c: var Channel[TMsg]; msg: TMsg) {...}{.inline.}
Sends a message to a thread. msg is deeply copied.   Source Edit
proc trySend*[TMsg](c: var Channel[TMsg]; msg: TMsg): bool {...}{.inline.}

Tries to send a message to a thread.

msg is deeply copied. Doesn't block.

Returns false if the message was not sent because number of pending items in the channel exceeded maxItems.

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proc recv*[TMsg](c: var Channel[TMsg]): TMsg

Receives a message from the channel c.

This blocks until a message has arrived! You may use peek proc to avoid the blocking.

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proc tryRecv*[TMsg](c: var Channel[TMsg]): tuple[dataAvailable: bool, msg: TMsg]

Tries to receive a message from the channel c, but this can fail for all sort of reasons, including contention.

If it fails, it returns (false, default(msg)) otherwise it returns (true, msg).

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proc peek*[TMsg](c: var Channel[TMsg]): int

Returns the current number of messages in the channel c.

Returns -1 if the channel has been closed.

Note: This is dangerous to use as it encourages races. It's much better to use tryRecv proc instead.

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proc open*[TMsg](c: var Channel[TMsg]; maxItems: int = 0)

Opens a channel c for inter thread communication.

The send operation will block until number of unprocessed items is less than maxItems.

For unlimited queue set maxItems to 0.

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proc close*[TMsg](c: var Channel[TMsg])
Closes a channel c and frees its associated resources.   Source Edit
proc ready*[TMsg](c: var Channel[TMsg]): bool
Returns true iff some thread is waiting on the channel c for new messages.   Source Edit