Packaging Nim

This page provide hints on distributing Nim using OS packages.

See distros for tools to detect Linux distribution at runtime.

Supported architectures

Nim runs on a wide variety of platforms. Support on amd64 and i386 is tested regularly, while less popular platforms are tested by the community.

The following platforms are seldomly tested:

Packaging for Linux

See for installation-related bugs.

Build Nim from the released tarball at It is different from the GitHub sources as it contains Nimble, C sources & other tools.

The Debian package ships bash and ksh completion and manpages that can be reused.

Hints on the build process:

# build from C sources and then using koch
./ --os $os_type --cpu $cpu_arch
./bin/nim c koch
./koch boot -d:release

# optionally generate docs into doc/html
./koch docs

./koch tools -d:release

# extract files to be really installed
./ <tempdir>

# also include the tools
for fn in nimble nimsuggest nimgrep; do cp ./bin/$fn <tempdir>/nim/bin/; done

What to install: