Welcome to NimConf 2022!

Mark the date and time: Saturday, October 22nd 2022 at 10am UTC.

NimConf 2022 is an online conference and it will take place on October 22nd. It will be streamed for free and it doesn’t require any traveling - you will be able to participate from your home, without any travel and accommodation expenses.

Participating as an audience

All talks will be streamed and recorded for later viewing. Watching the talks live will allow you to ask questions and participate in the discussions with other viewers and the speakers.

Each talk will premiere on our YouTube channel as a part of NimConf 2022 playlist.

While you're waiting for the conference, you can watch all the talks from the last two years, available here: 2020 and 2021.

Streaming live in:


Schedule (October 22nd)

Talk name
Starting time
Nim 2 (link) 10:00 UTC Andreas Rumpf
moe (link) 10:45 UTC Shuhei Nogawa
Libp2p in Nim & other languages (link) 11:00 UTC Tanguy
Fuzzing with drchaos (link) 11:30 UTC Antonis Geralis
Break (1 hour)
Nimib goes interactive (link) 13:00 UTC Pietro Peterlongo and Hugo Granstrom
Make beautiful presentations in Nim using NimiSlides (link) 14:15 UTC Hugo Granstrom
Exprgrad (link) 15:00 UTC Can Lehmann
Polymorph (link) 15:30 UTC Ryan Lipscombe
Break (1 hour)
State of NimForUE (link) 17:00 UTC Juan Gomez
Nim-SOS and Nim-HPX (link) 17:45 UTC Chris Taylor
Scratch Built Games (link) 18:45 UTC Andre von Houck