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Commercial and Community Support

We offer a multitude of support networks including those in both a community and commercial setting.

Commercial support includes:

Priority Bug Fixes

File a bug report and we will address them with the highest priority. Once fixed, you will be able to access either the current Git build or at your request a custom build against the latest release with your bug fixed.

Feature Requests

Suggest to us any feature that you might need, we will examine your request with care and provide a proper answer about its potential for inclusion.

Communication happens via email or for a slightly higher fee via Skype. The pricing is based on the amount of hours spent on the bugfix / feature implementation and is open to negotiation.

All interested parties should email The bid for contracting work is a commercial offer provided by:

Andreas Rumpf
St.-Quentin-Ring 47
67663 Kaiserslautern
EU VAT-IN: DE297783450