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Cfile = object
  nimname*: string
  cname*, obj*: AbsoluteFile
  flags*: set[CfileFlag]
  customArgs*: string
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CfileFlag {.pure.} = enum
  Cached,                   ## no need to recompile this time
  External                   ## file was introduced via .compile pragma
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CfileList = seq[Cfile]
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Command = enum
  cmdNone, cmdUnknown, cmdCompileToC, cmdCompileToCpp, cmdCompileToOC,
  cmdCompileToJS, cmdCrun, cmdTcc, cmdCheck, cmdParse, cmdRod, cmdIdeTools,
  cmdNimscript, cmdDoc0, cmdDoc, cmdDoc2tex, cmdRst2html, cmdRst2tex,
  cmdMd2html, cmdMd2tex, cmdJsondoc0, cmdJsondoc, cmdCtags, cmdBuildindex,
  cmdGendepend, cmdDump, cmdInteractive, cmdNop, cmdJsonscript
Nim's commands Source   Edit  
ConfigRef {.acyclic.} = ref object
  backend*: TBackend
  target*: Target
  linesCompiled*: int
  options*: TOptions
  globalOptions*: TGlobalOptions
  macrosToExpand*: StringTableRef
  arcToExpand*: StringTableRef
  m*: MsgConfig
  filenameOption*: FilenameOption
  unitSep*: string
  evalTemplateCounter*: int
  evalMacroCounter*: int
  exitcode*: int8
  cmd*: Command
  cmdInput*: string
  projectIsCmd*: bool
  implicitCmd*: bool
  selectedGC*: TGCMode
  exc*: ExceptionSystem
  hintProcessingDots*: bool
  verbosity*: int
  numberOfProcessors*: int
  lastCmdTime*: float
  symbolFiles*: SymbolFilesOption
  spellSuggestMax*: int
  cppDefines*: HashSet[string]
  headerFile*: string
  nimbasePattern*: string
  features*: set[Feature]
  legacyFeatures*: set[LegacyFeature]
  arguments*: string         ## the arguments to be passed to the program that
                             ## should be run
  ideCmd*: IdeCmd
  oldNewlines*: bool
  cCompiler*: TSystemCC
  modifiedyNotes*: TNoteKinds
  cmdlineNotes*: TNoteKinds
  foreignPackageNotes*: TNoteKinds
  notes*: TNoteKinds
  warningAsErrors*: TNoteKinds
  mainPackageNotes*: TNoteKinds
  mainPackageId*: int
  errorCounter*: int
  hintCounter*: int
  warnCounter*: int
  errorMax*: int
  maxLoopIterationsVM*: int  ## VM: max iterations of all loops
  isVmTrace*: bool
  configVars*: StringTableRef
  symbols*: StringTableRef   ## We need to use a StringTableRef here as defined
                             ## symbols are always guaranteed to be style
                             ## insensitive. Otherwise hell would break lose.
  packageCache*: StringTableRef
  nimblePaths*: seq[AbsoluteDir]
  searchPaths*: seq[AbsoluteDir]
  lazyPaths*: seq[AbsoluteDir]
  outFile*: RelativeFile
  outDir*: AbsoluteDir
  jsonBuildFile*: AbsoluteFile
  prefixDir*, libpath*, nimcacheDir*: AbsoluteDir
  nimStdlibVersion*: NimVer
  projectName*: string
  projectPath*: AbsoluteDir
  projectFull*: AbsoluteFile
  projectIsStdin*: bool
  lastMsgWasDot*: set[StdOrrKind]
  projectMainIdx*: FileIndex
  projectMainIdx2*: FileIndex
  command*: string
  commandArgs*: seq[string]
  commandLine*: string
  extraCmds*: seq[string]
  keepComments*: bool
  implicitImports*: seq[string]
  implicitIncludes*: seq[string]
  docSeeSrcUrl*: string
  docRoot*: string           ## see nim --fullhelp for --docRoot
  docCmd*: string            ## see nim --fullhelp for --docCmd
  configFiles*: seq[AbsoluteFile]
  cIncludes*: seq[AbsoluteDir]
  cLibs*: seq[AbsoluteDir]
  cLinkedLibs*: seq[string]
  externalToLink*: seq[string]
  linkOptionsCmd*: string
  compileOptionsCmd*: seq[string]
  linkOptions*: string
  compileOptions*: string
  cCompilerPath*: string
  toCompile*: CfileList
  suggestionResultHook*: proc (result: Suggest) {.closure.}
  suggestVersion*: int
  suggestMaxResults*: int
  lastLineInfo*: TLineInfo
  writelnHook*: proc (output: string) {.closure, ...gcsafe.}
  structuredErrorHook*: proc (config: ConfigRef; info: TLineInfo; msg: string;
                              severity: Severity) {.closure, ...gcsafe.}
  cppCustomNamespace*: string
  nimMainPrefix*: string
  vmProfileData*: ProfileData
  expandProgress*: bool
  expandLevels*: int
  expandNodeResult*: string
  expandPosition*: TLineInfo
  clientProcessId*: int
every global configuration fields marked with '*' are subject to the incremental compilation mechanisms (+) means "part of the dependency" Source   Edit  
ExceptionSystem = enum
  excNone, excSetjmp, excCpp, excGoto, excQuirky
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Feature = enum
  dotOperators, callOperator, parallel, destructor, notnil, dynamicBindSym,
  forLoopMacros, caseStmtMacros, codeReordering, compiletimeFFI, ## This requires building nim with `-d:nimHasLibFFI`
                                                                  ## which itself requires `nimble install libffi`, see #10150
                                                                  ## Note: this feature can't be localized with {.push.}
  vmopsDanger, strictFuncs, views, strictNotNil, overloadableEnums,
  strictEffects, unicodeOperators, flexibleOptionalParams, strictDefs,
experimental features; DO NOT RENAME THESE! Source   Edit  
FilenameOption = enum
  foAbs, foRelProject, foCanonical, foLegacyRelProj, foName, foStacktrace
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IdeCmd = enum
  ideNone, ideSug, ideCon, ideDef, ideUse, ideDus, ideChk, ideChkFile, ideMod,
  ideHighlight, ideOutline, ideKnown, ideMsg, ideProject, ideGlobalSymbols,
  ideRecompile, ideChanged, ideType, ideDeclaration, ideExpand, ideInlayHints
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LegacyFeature = enum
  allowSemcheckedAstModification, ## Allows to modify a NimNode where the type has already been
                                   ## flagged with nfSem. If you actually do this, it will cause
                                   ## bugs.
  checkUnsignedConversions, ## Historically and especially in version 1.0.0 of the language
                             ## conversions to unsigned numbers were checked. In 1.0.4 they
                             ## are not anymore.
  laxEffects,               ## Lax effects system prior to Nim 2.0.
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NimVer = tuple[major: int, minor: int, patch: int]
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ProfileData = ref object
  data*: TableRef[TLineInfo, ProfileInfo]
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ProfileInfo = object
  time*: float
  count*: int
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StdOrrKind = enum
  stdOrrStdout, stdOrrStderr
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Suggest = ref object
  section*: IdeCmd
  qualifiedPath*: seq[string]
  name*: ptr string
  filePath*: string
  line*: int
  column*: int
  doc*: string
  forth*: string
  quality*: range[0 .. 100] = 0
  isGlobal*: bool
  contextFits*: bool
  prefix*: PrefixMatch
  symkind*: byte
  scope*, localUsages*, globalUsages*: int
  tokenLen*: int
  version*: int
  endLine*: uint16
  endCol*: int
  inlayHintInfo*: SuggestInlayHint
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SuggestInlayHint = ref object
  kind*: SuggestInlayHintKind
  line*: int
  column*: int
  label*: string
  paddingLeft*: bool
  paddingRight*: bool
  allowInsert*: bool
  tooltip*: string
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SuggestInlayHintKind = enum
  sihkType = "Type", sihkParameter = "Parameter"
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Suggestions = seq[Suggest]
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SymbolFilesOption = enum
  disabledSf, writeOnlySf, readOnlySf, v2Sf, stressTest
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TBackend = enum
  backendInvalid = "", backendC = "c", backendCpp = "cpp", backendJs = "js",
  backendObjc = "objc"
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TGCMode = enum
  gcUnselected = "unselected", gcNone = "none", gcBoehm = "boehm",
  gcRegions = "regions", gcArc = "arc", gcOrc = "orc",
  gcAtomicArc = "atomicArc", gcMarkAndSweep = "markAndSweep", gcHooks = "hooks",
  gcRefc = "refc", gcGo = "go"
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TGlobalOption = enum
  gloptNone, optForceFullMake, optWasNimscript, optListCmd, optCompileOnly,
  optNoLinking, optCDebug, optGenDynLib, optGenStaticLib, optGenGuiApp,
  optGenScript, optGenCDeps, optGenMapping, optRun, optUseNimcache,
  optStyleHint, optStyleError, optStyleUsages, optSkipSystemConfigFile,
  optSkipProjConfigFile, optSkipUserConfigFile, optSkipParentConfigFiles,
  optNoMain, optUseColors, optThreads, optStdout, optThreadAnalysis,
  optTlsEmulation, optGenIndex, optGenIndexOnly, optNoImportdoc,
  optEmbedOrigSrc, optIdeDebug, optIdeTerse, optExcessiveStackTrace,
  optShowAllMismatches, optWholeProject, optDocInternal, optMixedMode,
  optDeclaredLocs, optNoNimblePath, optHotCodeReloading, optDynlibOverrideAll,
  optSeqDestructors, optTinyRtti, optOwnedRefs, optMultiMethods, optBenchmarkVM,
  optProduceAsm, optPanics, optSourcemap, optProfileVM, optEnableDeepCopy,
  optShowNonExportedFields, optJsBigInt64
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TOption = enum
  optNone, optObjCheck, optFieldCheck, optRangeCheck, optBoundsCheck,
  optOverflowCheck, optRefCheck, optNaNCheck, optInfCheck, optStaticBoundsCheck,
  optStyleCheck, optAssert, optLineDir, optWarns, optHints, optOptimizeSpeed,
  optOptimizeSize, optStackTrace, optStackTraceMsgs, optLineTrace, optByRef,
  optProfiler, optImplicitStatic, optTrMacros, optMemTracker, optSinkInference,
  optCursorInference, optImportHidden, optQuirky
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TOptions = set[TOption]
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TStringSeq = seq[string]
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TSystemCC = enum
  ccNone, ccGcc, ccNintendoSwitch, ccLLVM_Gcc, ccCLang, ccBcc, ccVcc, ccTcc,
  ccEnv, ccIcl, ccIcc, ccClangCl
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ChecksOptions = {optObjCheck, optFieldCheck, optRangeCheck, optOverflowCheck,
                 optBoundsCheck, optAssert, optNaNCheck, optInfCheck,
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cmdBackends = {cmdCompileToC, cmdCompileToCpp, cmdCompileToOC, cmdCompileToJS,
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cmdDocLike = {cmdDoc0, cmdDoc, cmdDoc2tex, cmdJsondoc0, cmdJsondoc, cmdCtags,
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copyrightYear = "2023"
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DefaultConfig = r"nim.cfg"
Source   Edit  
DefaultConfigNims = r"config.nims"
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DefaultGlobalOptions = {optThreadAnalysis, optExcessiveStackTrace, optJsBigInt64}
Source   Edit  
DefaultOptions = {optObjCheck, optFieldCheck, optRangeCheck, optBoundsCheck,
                  optOverflowCheck, optAssert, optWarns, optRefCheck, optHints,
                  optStackTrace, optLineTrace, optTrMacros, optStyleCheck,
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DocConfig = r"nimdoc.cfg"
Source   Edit  
docRootDefault = "@default"
Source   Edit  
DocTexConfig = r"nimdoc.tex.cfg"
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foreignPackageNotesDefault = {hintProcessing, warnUnknownMagic, hintQuitCalled,
                              hintExecuting, hintUser, warnUser}
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genSubDir = r"nimcache"
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harmlessOptions = {optForceFullMake, optNoLinking, optRun, optUseColors,
Source   Edit  
hasFFI = false
Source   Edit  
hasTinyCBackend = false
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htmldocsDir = "htmldocs"
Source   Edit  
HtmlExt = "html"
Source   Edit  
IniExt = "ini"
Source   Edit  
JsonExt = "json"
Source   Edit  
nimEnableCovariance = false
Source   Edit  
NimExt = "nim"
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oKeepVariableNames = true
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oldExperimentalFeatures = {dotOperators, callOperator, parallel}
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RodExt = "rod"
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stdlibDirs = ["pure", "core", "arch", "pure/collections", "pure/concurrency",
              "pure/unidecode", "impure", "wrappers", "wrappers/linenoise",
              "windows", "posix", "js", "deprecated/pure"]
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TagsExt = "tags"
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TexExt = "tex"
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useEffectSystem = true
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useWriteTracking = false
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proc `$`(c: IdeCmd): string {....raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
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proc absOutFile(conf: ConfigRef): AbsoluteFile {....raises: [OSError], tags: [],
    forbids: [].}
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proc assignIfDefault[T](result: var T; val: T; def = default(T))
if result was already assigned to a value (that wasn't def), this is a noop. Source   Edit  
proc canonicalImport(conf: ConfigRef; file: AbsoluteFile): string {.
    ...raises: [Exception, KeyError, OSError], tags: [RootEffect, ReadDirEffect],
    forbids: [].}
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proc canonicalImportAux(conf: ConfigRef; file: AbsoluteFile): string {.
    ...raises: [Exception, KeyError, OSError], tags: [RootEffect, ReadDirEffect],
    forbids: [].}
Shows the canonical module import, e.g.: system, std/tables, fusion/pointers, system/assertions, std/private/asciitables Source   Edit  
proc canonicalizePath(conf: ConfigRef; path: AbsoluteFile): AbsoluteFile {.
    ...raises: [OSError], tags: [ReadDirEffect], forbids: [].}
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proc clearNimblePath(conf: ConfigRef) {....raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
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proc completeGeneratedFilePath(conf: ConfigRef; f: AbsoluteFile;
                               createSubDir: bool = true): AbsoluteFile {.
    ...raises: [OSError, IOError],
    tags: [ReadEnvEffect, ReadIOEffect, WriteDirEffect, ReadDirEffect],
    forbids: [].}
Return an absolute path of a generated intermediary file. Optionally creates the cache directory if createSubDir is true. Source   Edit  
proc cppDefine(c: ConfigRef; define: string) {....raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
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proc disableNimblePath(conf: ConfigRef) {....raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
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proc existsConfigVar(conf: ConfigRef; key: string): bool {....raises: [], tags: [],
    forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc expandDone(conf: ConfigRef): bool {....raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
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proc findFile(conf: ConfigRef; f: string; suppressStdlib = false): AbsoluteFile {.
    ...raises: [OSError, KeyError], tags: [ReadDirEffect], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc findModule(conf: ConfigRef; modulename, currentModule: string): AbsoluteFile {.
    ...raises: [OSError, KeyError], tags: [ReadDirEffect], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc findProjectNimFile(conf: ConfigRef; pkg: string): string {.
    ...raises: [OSError], tags: [ReadDirEffect], forbids: [].}
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proc floatInt64Align(conf: ConfigRef): int16 {....raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
Returns either 4 or 8 depending on reasons. Source   Edit  
proc getClockStr(): string {....raises: [], tags: [ReadEnvEffect, TimeEffect],
                             forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc getConfigVar(conf: ConfigRef; key: string; default = ""): string {.
    ...raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc getDateStr(): string {....raises: [], tags: [ReadEnvEffect, TimeEffect],
                            forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc getNimbleFile(conf: ConfigRef; path: string): string {.
    ...raises: [KeyError, OSError], tags: [ReadDirEffect], forbids: [].}
returns absolute path to nimble file, e.g.: /pathto/cligen.nimble Source   Edit  
proc getNimcacheDir(conf: ConfigRef): AbsoluteDir {....raises: [OSError],
    tags: [ReadEnvEffect, ReadIOEffect], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc getOutFile(conf: ConfigRef; filename: RelativeFile; ext: string): AbsoluteFile {.
    ...raises: [OSError], tags: [], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc getPackageName(conf: ConfigRef; path: string): string {.
    ...raises: [KeyError, OSError], tags: [ReadDirEffect], forbids: [].}
returns nimble package name, e.g.: cligen Source   Edit  
proc getPrefixDir(conf: ConfigRef): AbsoluteDir {....raises: [],
    tags: [ReadIOEffect], forbids: [].}

Gets the prefix dir, usually the parent directory where the binary resides.

This is overridden by some tools (namely nimsuggest) via the conf.prefixDir field. This should resolve to root of nim sources, whether running nim from a local clone or using installed nim, so that these exist: result/doc/advopt.txt and result/lib/system.nim

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proc getRelativePathFromConfigPath(conf: ConfigRef; f: AbsoluteFile;
                                   isTitle = false): RelativeFile {.
    ...raises: [Exception], tags: [RootEffect], forbids: [].}
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proc getStdlibVersion(conf: ConfigRef): NimVer {....raises: [ValueError], tags: [],
    forbids: [].}
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proc hasHint(conf: ConfigRef; note: TNoteKind): bool {....raises: [], tags: [],
    forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc hasWarn(conf: ConfigRef; note: TNoteKind): bool {.inline, ...raises: [],
    tags: [], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc hcrOn(conf: ConfigRef): bool {....raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc importantComments(conf: ConfigRef): bool {.inline, ...raises: [], tags: [],
    forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc inclDynlibOverride(conf: ConfigRef; lib: string) {....raises: [], tags: [],
    forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc isDefined(conf: ConfigRef; symbol: string): bool {....raises: [], tags: [],
    forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc isDynlibOverride(conf: ConfigRef; lib: string): bool {....raises: [],
    tags: [], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc mainCommandArg(conf: ConfigRef): string {....raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
This is intended for commands like check or parse which will work on the main project file unless explicitly given a specific file argument Source   Edit  
proc newConfigRef(): ConfigRef {....raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc newPartialConfigRef(): ConfigRef {....raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
create a new ConfigRef that is only good enough for error reporting. Source   Edit  
proc parseIdeCmd(s: string): IdeCmd {....raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc parseNimVersion(a: string): NimVer {....raises: [ValueError], tags: [],
    forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc pathSubs(conf: ConfigRef; p, config: string): string {.
    ...raises: [ValueError, OSError], tags: [ReadEnvEffect, ReadIOEffect],
    forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc prepareToWriteOutput(conf: ConfigRef): AbsoluteFile {.
    ...raises: [OSError, IOError], tags: [WriteDirEffect, ReadDirEffect],
    forbids: [].}
Create the output directory and returns a full path to the output file Source   Edit  
proc removeTrailingDirSep(path: string): string {....raises: [], tags: [],
    forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc setConfigVar(conf: ConfigRef; key, val: string) {....raises: [], tags: [],
    forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc setDefaultLibpath(conf: ConfigRef) {....raises: [OSError],
    tags: [ReadIOEffect, ReadDirEffect, ReadEnvEffect], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc setFromProjectName(conf: ConfigRef; projectName: string) {.
    ...raises: [OSError], tags: [ReadDirEffect], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc setNote(conf: ConfigRef; note: TNoteKind; enabled = true) {....raises: [],
    tags: [], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc setNoteDefaults(conf: ConfigRef; note: TNoteKind; enabled = true) {.
    ...raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc showNonExportedFields(conf: ConfigRef) {....raises: [], tags: [], forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  
proc toGeneratedFile(conf: ConfigRef; path: AbsoluteFile; ext: string): AbsoluteFile {.
    ...raises: [OSError], tags: [ReadEnvEffect, ReadIOEffect], forbids: [].}
converts "/home/a/mymodule.nim", "rod" to "/home/a/nimcache/mymodule.rod" Source   Edit  
proc usesWriteBarrier(conf: ConfigRef): bool {.inline, ...raises: [], tags: [],
    forbids: [].}
Source   Edit  


iterator nimbleSubs(conf: ConfigRef; p: string): string {....raises: [ValueError],
    tags: [], forbids: [].}
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template compilationCachePresent(conf: ConfigRef): untyped
Source   Edit  
template newPackageCache(): untyped
Source   Edit  
template optPreserveOrigSource(conf: ConfigRef): untyped
Source   Edit  
template quitOrRaise(conf: ConfigRef; msg = "")
Source   Edit  
template setErrorMaxHighMaybe(conf: ConfigRef)
do not stop after first error (but honor --errorMax if provided) Source   Edit