"The Rule of Least Surprise should not be interpreted as a call for mechanical conservatism in design."

My blog is about programming language design and the Nim programming language in particular.

List of Articles

Write tracking for Nim
This blog post is about Nim's novel approach to deal with immutability.
A new concurrency system for Nim -- part 1
In this blog post I describe the basic ideas behind Nim's new concurrency model.
A new concurrency system for Nim -- part 2
In part 2 things get more formal. But in the end you will be rewarded by a nice real world example.
Nim and Perl
An article showing how Nim's metaprogramming features can even model Perl's features.
Nim without GC
Exploring how Nim would look like without a garbage collector.
An article showing how Nim can be used to develop simple and efficient single page applications via Nim's JS backend.
Quirky Exceptions
Musings about an alternative exception handling strategy.
Owned Refs
Musings about ownership in Nim.
V1 is here
Personal words about version 1.
Goto based Exceptions
The alternative exception handling implementation arrived.