Version 0.8.10 released


  • Bugfix: Command line parsing on Windows and os.parseCmdLine now adheres to the same parsing rules as Microsoft’s C/C++ startup code.
  • Bugfix: Passing a ref pointer to the untyped pointer type is invalid.
  • Bugfix: Updated keyval example.
  • Bugfix: system.splitChunk still contained code for debug output.
  • Bugfix: dialogs.ChooseFileToSave uses STOCK_SAVE instead of STOCK_OPEN for the GTK backend.
  • Bugfix: Various bugs concerning exception handling fixed.
  • Bugfix: low(somestring) crashed the compiler.
  • Bugfix: strutils.endsWith lacked range checking.
  • Bugfix: Better detection for AMD64 on Mac OS X.

Changes affecting backwards compatibility

  • Reversed parameter order for os.copyFile and os.moveFile!!!
  • Procs not marked as procvar cannot only be passed to a procvar anymore, unless they are used in the same module.
  • Deprecated times.getStartMilsecs: Use epochTime or cpuTime instead.
  • Removed system.OpenFile.
  • Removed system.CloseFile.
  • Removed strutils.replaceStr.
  • Removed strutils.deleteStr.
  • Removed strutils.splitLinesSeq.
  • Removed strutils.splitSeq.
  • Removed strutils.toString.
  • If a DLL cannot be loaded (via the dynlib pragma) EInvalidLibrary is not raised anymore. Instead system.quit() is called. This is because raising an exception requires heap allocations. However the memory manager might be contained in the DLL that failed to load.
  • The re module (and the pcre wrapper) now depend on the pcre dll.


  • The {.compile: "file.c".} pragma uses a CRC check to see if the file needs to be recompiled.
  • Added system.reopen.
  • Added system.getCurrentException.
  • Added system.appType.
  • Added system.compileOption.
  • Added times.epochTime and times.cpuTime.
  • Implemented explicit type arguments for generics.
  • Implemented {.size: sizeof(cint).} pragma for enum types. This is useful for interfacing with C.
  • Implemented {.pragma.} pragma for user defined pragmas.
  • Implemented {.extern.} pragma for better control of name mangling.
  • The importc and exportc pragmas support format strings: proc p{.exportc: "nim_$1".} exports p as nim_p. This is useful for user defined pragmas.
  • The standard library can be built as a DLL. Generating DLLs has been improved.
  • Added expat module.
  • Added json module.
  • Added support for a Tiny C backend. Currently this only works on Linux. You need to bootstrap with -d:tinyc to enable Tiny C support. Nimrod can then execute code directly via nimrod run myfile.