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Standards & Guides

  • Standard Library
    This document describes Nim's standard library.

  • Language Manual
    The Nim manual is a draft that will evolve into a proper specification.

  • Nim Style Guide
    The stylistic conventions that Nim's official projects adhere to.

  • Compiler User Guide
    The user guide lists command line arguments, special features of the compiler, etc.

  • NimScript
    NimScript is the upcoming new way to configure Nim.

  • Nim Backend Integration
    The Backend Integeration guide gives further information of how Nim can interact with C, C++, Objective C and JavaScript.

Tools & Features

  • Source Code Filters
    The Nim compiler supports source code filters as a simple yet powerful builtin templating system.

  • Tools Documentation
    Description of some tools that come with the standard distribution.

Internal Details

  • Garbage Collector
    Additional documentation about Nim's GC and how to operate it in a realtime setting.

  • Internal Documentation
    The internal documentation describes how the compiler is implemented. Read this if you want to hack the compiler.