Standards & Guides

Standard Library

Provides a listing and description of all the modules in the standard library.

Language Manual

The Nim programming language specification.

Nim Style Guide

The stylistic conventions that Nim's official projects adhere to.

Nimble Package Manager

Explains configuration and usage of Nimble package manager, including creating and publishing your own packages.

Compiler User Guide

Outlines the commands and command line flags the Nim compiler supports. Explains how the Nim compiler can be configured and describes how to cross-compile, generate DLLs, and more.


Describes the subset of Nim used for configuring Nim and specifying Nimble packages.

Nim Backend Integration

Describes the various backends supported by Nim, including C, C++, Obj C, and JS. It also explains how to interface with libraries written in those languages.

Bleeding Edge Docs

Latest docs built from the Nim devel branch. Rebuilt on every commit.

Search Options

Searchable index

All Nim documents and modules in one place. Use Ctrl/Cmd+F.

Tools & Features

Source Code Filters

The Nim compiler supports source code filters as a simple yet powerful builtin templating system.

Tools Documentation

Description of some tools that come with the standard distribution.

Internal Details

Memory Management

Additional documentation about Nim's multi-paradigm memory management strategies and how to operate them in a realtime setting.

Internal Documentation

The internal documentation describes how the compiler is implemented. Read this if you want to hack the compiler.


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Nimble Package Directory

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