Version 0.9.6 released

Note: 0.9.6 is the last release of Nimrod. The language is being renamed to Nim. Nim slightly breaks compatibility.

This is a maintenance release. The upcoming 0.10.0 release has the new features and exciting developments.

Changes affecting backwards compatibility

  • spawn now uses an elaborate self-adapting thread pool and as such has been moved into its own module. So to use it, you now have to import threadpool.
  • The symbol binding rules in generics changed: bar in is now considered for implicit early binding.
  • c2nim moved into its own repository and is now a Babel package.
  • pas2nim moved into its own repository and is now a Babel package.
  • system.$ for floating point types now produces a human friendly string representation.
  • uri.TUrl as well as the parseurl module are now deprecated in favour of the new TUri type in the uri module.
  • The destructor pragma has been deprecated. Use the override pragma instead. The destructor’s name has to be destroy now.
  • lambda is not a keyword anymore.
  • system.defined has been split into system.defined and system.declared. You have to use --symbol to declare new conditional symbols that can be set via --define.
  • --threadanalysis:on is now the default. To make your program compile you can disable it but this is only a temporary solution as this option will disappear soon!

Compiler improvements

  • Multi method dispatching performance has been improved by a factor of 10x for pathological cases.

Language Additions

  • This version introduces the deprecated pragma statement that is used to handle the upcoming massive amount of symbol renames.
  • spawn can now wrap proc that has a return value. It then returns a data flow variable of the wrapped return type.

Library Additions

  • Added module cpuinfo.
  • Added module threadpool.
  • sequtils.distnct has been renamed to sequtils.deduplicate.
  • Added algorithm.reversed
  • Added uri.combine and uri.parseUri.
  • Some sockets procedures now support a SafeDisconn flag which causes them to handle disconnection errors and not raise them.