We're hiring!

Become a Nim core developer

Nim is proving to be an increasingly reliable workhorse for every day programming jobs since you can productively use it both client-side and server-side thanks to its innovate language core that maps well to lower level representations like C and LLVM as well as to high level JavaScript. It comes as no surprise then, that Nim is growing and looking for new core developers!

As a member of the team, you have a direct impact on design and feature enhancements of the Nim programming language.

Nim covers a broad range of topics leading to a constant stream of challenges which require you to continually be innovative with an evolving set of technologies.

So if you seek a new challenge, if you are experienced in production quality compiler development, if you enjoy working from home, don’t hesitate to apply.


This is your chance to get to work with one of the leading experts in compiler development, meta programming and language design. Here are our requirements:

  • Fluent in C++, C, Nim. You should have some Nim related github projects to make it easier for us to judge your skills.
  • Basic knowledge of the lexing, parsing and semantic checking passes a compiler consists of.
  • Knowledge in Nim’s standard library; the standard library covers parsers, asynchronous programming, dealing with time and timezones, IO, multi-threaded programming, networking, as well as knowledge about the Posix and the Windows API.
  • Knowledge about type theory and the foundations of programming languages. We are not just looking for programmers, Nim’s specification also needs to be improved and extended.
  • Experience in IDE development, there is no reason Nim’s tooling can’t rival the state-of-the-art when it comes to error messages, auto-completion and automatic refactorings.

Note that you don’t have to fulfill every one of these criteria; Nim is a large project with plenty of work covering diverse topics and our requirements reflect this.

How to apply

Send your application to [email protected].