Version 0.19.2 released

The Nim team is happy to announce that the latest release of Nim, version 0.19.2, is now available. Nim is a systems programming language that focuses on performance, portability and expressiveness.

This is mostly a bugfix release of version 0.19.0. It adds RISC-V support and there are no breaking changes. The most important bugfixes are:

  • spawn can handle the empty seqs/strings that are internally represented as nil.
  • The most pressing bugs of the documentation generator have been fixed.
  • async streaming of the httpclient has been fixed.

Installing 0.19.2

If you have installed a previous version of Nim using choosenim, getting Nim 0.19.2 is as easy as:

$ choosenim update stable

If you don’t have it already, you can get choosenim by following these instructions or you can install Nim by following the instructions on our install page.

Compiler changes

  • Added support for the RISC-V 64 bit architecture named riscv64 (e.g. HiFive)


  • Fixed “Nim 0.19.0 docs have incorrect Source/Edit links” (#9083)
  • Fixed “Json: compilation fails with aliased type” (#9111)
  • Fixed “ gives 404 error” (#9119)
  • Fixed “Leaving \\ at the end of a path in copyDir removes every file’s first char” (#9126)
  • Fixed “nim doc SIGSEGV: Illegal storage access.” (#9140)
  • Fixed “[doc] List of broken links in the doc site” (#9109)
  • Fixed “Fix incorrect examples in nre docs” (#9053)
  • Fixed “Clean up root of repo and release archives” (#4934)
  • Fixed “Concept/converter/generics-related compiler crash” (#7351)
  • Fixed “converter + concept causes compiler to quit without error” (#6249)
  • Fixed “Error: internal error” (#6533)
  • Fixed “Methods break static[T] (internal error: nesting too deep)” (#5479)
  • Fixed “Memory error when checking if a variable is a string in concept” (#7092)
  • Fixed “Internal error when using array of procs” (#5015)
  • Fixed “[Regression] Compiler crash on proc with static, used to compile in nim 0.16” (#5868)
  • Fixed “fixes/8099” (#8451)
  • Fixed “distinct generic typeclass not treated as distinct” (#4435)
  • Fixed “multiple dynlib pragmas with function calls conflict with each other causing link time error” (#9222)
  • Fixed “\0 in comment replaced with 0 in docs” (#8841)
  • Fixed “Async readAll in httpclient produces garbled output.” (#8994)
  • Fixed “runnableExamples should be run by nim doc even if symbol is not public” (#9216)
  • Fixed “[regression] project config.nims not being read anymore” (#9264)
  • Fixed “Using iterator within another iterator fails” (#3819)
  • Fixed “nim js -o:dirname main.nim writes nothing, and no error shown” (#9154)
  • Fixed “devel docs in Source links point to master instead of devel” (#9295)
  • Fixed “Regular Expressions: replacing empty patterns only works correctly in nre” (#9306)
  • Fixed “counting the empty substring in a string results in infinite loop” (#8919)
  • Fixed “[nimpretty] raw strings are transformed into normal strings” (#9236)
  • Fixed “[nimpretty] proc is transfered to incorrect code” (#8626)
  • Fixed “[nimpretty] Additional new line is added with each format” (#9144)
  • Fixed ““%NIM%/config/nim.cfg” is not being read” (#9244)
  • Fixed “Illegal capture on async proc (except when the argument is seq)” (#2361)
  • Fixed “Jsondoc0 doesn’t output module comments.” (#9364)
  • Fixed “NimPretty has troubles with source code filter” (#9384)
  • Fixed “tfragment_gc test is flaky on OSX” (#9421)

  • Fixed “ansi color code templates fail to bind symbols” (#9394)
  • Fixed “SIGSEGV when converting lines to closure iterator, most likely caused by defer” (#5321)
  • Fixed “Compiler crash when creating a variant type” (#6220)
  • Fixed “old changelogs should be kept instead of erased” (#9376)

  • Fixed “Crash when closing an unopened file on debian 8.” (#9456)
  • Fixed “nimpretty joins regular and doc comment” (#9400)
  • Fixed “nimpretty changes indentation level of trailing comment” (#9398)
  • Fixed “Some bugs with nimpretty” (#8078)
  • Fixed “nimpretty not idempotent: keeps adding newlines below block comment” (#9483)
  • Fixed “nimpretty shouldn’t format differently whether there’s a top-level newline” (#9484)
  • Fixed “nimpretty shouldn’t change file modif time if no changes => use os.updateFile” (#9499)
  • Fixed “nimpretty adds a space before type, ptr, ref, object in wrong places” (#9504)
  • Fixed “nimpretty badly indents block comment” (#9500)
  • Fixed “nimpretty wrongly adds empty newlines inside proc signature” (#9506)
  • Fixed “Duplicate definition in cpp codegen” (#6986)
  • Fixed “nim doc strutils.nim fails on 32 bit compiler with AssertionError on a RunnableExample” (#9525)
  • Fixed “using Selectors, Error: undeclared field: ‘OSErrorCode’” (#7667)

  • Fixed “strutils.multiReplace() crashes if search string is “”” (#9557)
  • Fixed “Type which followed by a function and generated by a template will not shown in docs generated by nim doc” (#9235)
  • Fixed “Module docs: 2 suggestions…” (#5525)
  • Fixed “Missing docstrings are replaced with other text” (#9169)
  • Fixed “templates expand doc comments as documentation of other procedures” (#9432)
  • Fixed “Path in error message has ..\..\..\..\..\ prefix since 0.19.0” (#9556)
  • Fixed “Nim/compiler/pathutils.nim(226, 12) canon"/foo/../bar" == "/bar" [AssertionError]” (#9507)

  • Fixed “[Regression] Borrow stringify operator no longer works as expected” (#9322)
  • Fixed “[NimScript] Error: arguments can only be given if the ‘–run’ option is selected” (#9246)
  • Fixed “nim check: internal error: (filename: "vmgen.nim", line: 1119, column: 19)” (#9609)
  • Fixed “optInd missing indent specification in grammar.txt” (#9608)
  • Fixed “nimpretty should hardcode indentation amount to 2 spaces” (#9502)
  • Fixed “Nimpretty adds instead of removes incorrect spacing inside backticks” (#9673)
  • Fixed “Compiler segfault (stack overflow) compiling code on 0.19.0 that works on 0.18.0” (#9694)