This Month with Nim: January 2021


Author: Tuatarian

TrailRunner is a very simple time-wastey kind of mobile game which you’d play for a few minutes or so when you’re waiting for something. The main goal of this turn & grid based game is to survive as many randomly generated levels as possible, without getting hit, without stepping on the same spot twice, and while walking on as few squares as possible.

Most of the engine/framework is pretty much done. The game itself is actually quite playable already, the next features up are the score system and random level generation.


Author: Yardanico

Ircord is a bridge between Discord and IRC which allows you to connect multiple channels from your Discord server with multiple channels on IRC. It is used on the official Nim Discord server and a few others. Supports features like edits, code pastes, pings, bans, IRC and Markdown formatting.


Author: lqdev

cflang is a minimalist, esoteric, functional programming language designed specifically to be simple, but at the same time human-readable and Turing-complete. The reference implementation is made in Nim, using NPeg for quick and easy parsing.


Author: Jason Beetham

Linerino is a small little puzzle game with a simple goal: visit all the tiles. It’s built using the Nico framework which can be built for the web, native and even for Android (only have Android + web published at the moment). The cool thing is how to load the tutorials: they are loaded at compile time and are embedded on all platforms! Below is how it’s done:

const Tutorials* = static:
  var levels: seq[(Tutorial,int)]
  for x in walkDir("tutorials/", true):
    if x.path.endsWith(".tut"):
      var id: int
      if x.path.scanf("tutorial$i.tut", id):
        levels.add (system.readFile("./tutorials" / x.path), id)
  levels = levels.sortedByIt(it[1])
    for (tut, _) in levels:


Author: Yardanico

ADBScan is a simple utility for finding unprotected ADB devices over the internet. The scanning process is asynchronous and quite fast. Supports multiple input (plain text IP list and Masscan output) and output (CSV, JSON, plain text) formats.


Author: lqdev

pan, or puny animator, is my little program for designing and rendering motion graphics with Lua scripts. This month I worked on bringing it to the latest version of my game engine, as well as adding support for images, and rendering to offscreen buffers.

Refactored html2karax

Author: planetis

html2karax can convert a static html to Karax DSL code. In my PR, I refactored it and fixed most of the issues I came across, making it more practical for converting html snippets, as well as full pages. As a reminder, Karax is a framework for developing single page applications in Nim. It can also be used for server-side rendering! Try it and report any issues you may find.

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