A New Home For Our Community

The #nim channel on Freenode has been a home to our community for the better part of a decade. While much of our community has moved to Discord since, aided by a bridge which relays messages between IRC and Discord, IRC is still an important part of our real-time chat community.

Unfortunately the multiple decisions made by the new owners of Freenode (many of which you can read about here) have made it untenable for our community to continue its life there.

Recently we have set up a new home for our IRC channels on Libera and intend to continue to house part of our community there. Many of our core services (like the public logs of our discussions, available at https://irclogs.nim-lang.org/) still rely on IRC and are likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Our main IRC channel is still #nim, you can connect to it by following the Libera connection guide. It continues to be bridged to our Discord through a service that we develop and maintain. The equivalent #nim channel on Freenode is no longer our official IRC channel.

Nim Real Time Chat Bridging

In addition to the Discord/IRC bridge that we run ourselves, we have also set up third-party bridges as shown by the dashed line in the image above. This means that you can now join the discussion no matter your preferred chat protocol, with Matrix and Telegram both now being relayed to our Discord. Note however that we are still testing the stability of these bridges and because they are maintained by a third-party they may be less reliable.

In addition to our main channel (#main on Discord/#nim on Libera), we also now have many Nim-related channels for specific topics, including:

  • #nim-gamedev
  • #nim-webdev
  • #nim-science
  • #nim-embedded
  • #nimble
  • #nim-offtopic

These channels are a place to discuss projects, get help with Nim and offer a place to chat about any topic with the wider community. We encourage everyone to join and participate in the discussions, we just ask you to remember to be kind. Hope to see you there and thanks for reading!