This Month with Nim: November 2021


Author: xigoi

xidoc is a markup language intended to be consistent and powerful. It has a very straightforward syntax where everything is in the form of a command surrounded by square brackets. For example: [color #ff0; This text is yellow.] It can compile to HTML and LaTeX, allowing it to be used in many places.

Features include:

  • Basic text styling (bold, italics, monospace, spoiler, …)
  • Document layout primitives (section, paragraph, title, …)
  • Shortcuts for common Unicode characters (dashes, pretty quotes, …)
  • Lists, tables, checkboxes
  • LaTeX math with helper commands
  • Code snippets and blocks with optional syntax highlighting
  • Defining custom commands
  • Including other xidoc files
  • Ways to produce any code in the target language
  • CSS styling when compiling to HTML
  • Documentation of all commands with examples
  • Interactive playground for trying out a limited subset of the language in the browser

Some planned features:

  • Inserting images
  • Drawing vector images
  • A proper module system
  • Compiling to Markdown, plain text and gemtext

Check out the project website to find out more. I also wrote an article about the motivation for the project and how I went about implementing it.

Using Nim for Web Development in 2021

Author: ajusa

A quick (opinionated) overview of the Nim webdev ecosystem in 2021. Goes into using Nim for frontend, templating, and backend frameworks.

Nim support for WASM-4

WASM-4 is a low-level fantasy game console for building small games with WebAssembly. Game cartridges (ROMs) are small, self-contained .wasm files. Nim support was merged in this PR so go ahead and start making WASM-4 games with Nim!


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