Nim Devroom at FOSDEM 2022 - Call for Participation

Nim has participated at FOSDEM for a number of years now. In the beginning as a stand, then as multiple talks across various rooms, and in organising the room “Minimalistic, Experimental and Emerging Languages devroom” along with other communites. This year however we are happy to announce that we have our own developer room!

What is FOSDEM?

FOSDEM is the “Free and Open Source Developers European Meetup”. It is an annual meeting place for developers of free and open source software from across all of the world, hosted normally in Brussels in Belgium. The event itself is a massive conference spanning two days with thousands of visitors and hundreds of talks on various topics. This year, as last year, the conference will be completely online.

Call for Participation

Since we now have our own room to fill we invite our great community to submit their talks. The event will be online and all presentations will be pre-recorded, but you are required to be present during your presentation and for some time after to answer any questions. This is similar to how we have run NimConf for the past two years so we have no doubt that this will work very well and that we will have the same excellent level of quality that we have come to expect from you!

To submit your talk you will need to create a pentabarf account (if you do not already have one) and make the submission through the FOSDEM pentabarf system. Pentabarf is the official name of the FOSDEM talk submission and management system (see beginner’s guide). Make sure to select “Nim Programming Language” when submitting (otherwise we will not be able to find it).

What are we looking for?

Pretty much anything related to Nim! From compiler development to projects written in it, to more generalised topics around Nim and the community. Inspiration can of course be found in this list of previous FOSDEM talks, along with our NimConf talks:


To be able to submit a talk you must fulfil these formal requirements:

  • you should target a talk duration of 15 or 30 minutes. We are also open to durations up to 45 minutes for talks with a bigger scope, but we would encourage sticking to 15/30 minute durations. We should be able to accommodate for durations that do not exactly hit the target.
  • Be able to pre-record a talk in advance. In order for us to verify the content all videos must be submitted by January 22nd.
  • Since FOSDEM is held during European day hours you need to be available for your presentation and the ensuing Q&A.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Submission of talk proposal: Dec 23rd, 2021
  • Selected talks announced: Dec 31st 2021
  • Video recording submission: January 22nd
  • Conference dates 5 & 6 February
  • The Nim language devroom is on the 5th

All deadline times are 23:59 UTC.

Final remarks