This Month with Nim: October 2023 to June 2024 (It is a long month)

Oolib Upgrade

Author: Neo

New super cool features here!

Multiple constructor

class Gun:
    offence: int
    capacity = 6
    price: int

  proc `new`(offence: int) =
    self.offence = offence
    self.capacity = 8
    self.price = 300

  proc `new`(capacity: int) =
    self.offence = 14
    self.capacity = capacity
    self.price = 200

# This `new()` is made from the type definition
let _ = = 5, price = 6)

# 2nd one
let _ = = 12)

# 3rd one
let _ = = 10)

class Sword:
    offence: int
    price {.initial.} = 100

# made from the type definition
let _ =


a type definition with {.construct.} are made into a class. Now that we can define a class without using class!

type Shield {.construct.} = ref object
  defence*: int
  price {.initial.}: int = 100

# This new() was made by `{.construct.}` pragma
let _ =

Multiple implementation

Now we can use multiple implementation!

protocol Readable:
  var text: string

protocol Writable:
  var text: string
  proc `text=`(value: string)

protocol Product:
  var price: int

type Writer* {.protocoled.} = tuple
  write: proc(text: string)

class Book impl (Readable, Product):
    text: string = ""
    price: int

class Diary impl (Readable, Writable, Product):
  var text {.initial.}: string = ""
  var price: int
  proc `text=`(value: string) =
    self.text = value

class HTMLWriter impl Writer:
  var writable: Writable
  proc write(text: string) =
    self.writable.text = text

let book = = 500)

let _ = book.toProtocol()

let diary = = 300)

let _ = diary.toProtocol()

Also, the features below were removed:

  • Class data constant
  • Inheritance class, super keyword and {.open.}
  • Alias class
  • {.pClass.}, {.pProtocol.}
  • {.noNewDef.} for class

Nim Blinky with Apache NuttX RTOS on Ox64 BL808 RISC-V SBC

Author: Lup Yuan Lee

Running Apache NuttX RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) on Single-Board Computers with plenty of RAM. Like Pine64 Ox64 BL808 SBC with 64 MB RAM!

In this article, we create a Blinky LED app with Nim on NuttX.

Garbage-Collected Languages (like Nim) require a bit more RAM than Low-Level Languages (like C). Perfect for our roomy (and vroomy) single board computer!

We test NuttX + Nim Blinky on QEMU Emulator for 64-bit RISC-V (minus the blinkenlight). Then we run NuttX + Nim Blinky on the Ox64 BL808 RISC-V SBC (with a real LED).


Author: Ethosa

UI library for the HappyX web framework, inspired by Jetpack Compose.

A small code example follows:

A live demo can be found here.

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