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Nim's Community


The Nim forum is the place where most discussions related to the language happen. It not only includes discussions relating to the design of Nim but also allows for beginners to ask questions relating to Nim.

Mailing list

The mailing list can be found here: There is no consensus yet about what is discussed via the forum as opposed to the mailing list. Join whatever you like!


Many Nim developers are a part of the #nim IRC channel on Freenode. That is the place where the rest of the discussion relating to Nim occurs. Be sure to join us there if you wish to discuss Nim in real-time. IRC is the perfect place for people just starting to learn Nim and we welcome any questions that you may have!

You may also be interested in reading the IRC logs which are an archive of all of the previous discussions that took place in the IRC channel.


Nim's source code is hosted on GitHub. Together with the wiki and issue tracker.

GitHub also hosts other projects relating to Nim. These projects are a part of the nim-lang organisation. This includes the Nimble package manager and its package repository.


Follow us @nim_lang for latest news about Nim.


Subscribe to /r/nim for latest news about Nim.


When asking a question relating to Nim, be sure to use the Nim tag in your question.


The G+ Nim community is another place where discussions related to the language happen. Read and follow various articles, posts and interesting links about Nim.


The Gitter Chatroom for Nim is the persistent logged "natural" chatroom for GitHub repositories and very easy to access for GitHub users. This does not need additional software and can send notifications about messages by email.


The Nim BR Meetup is a brazilian user group about Nim where they are having discussions, talks or workshops about Nim programming language.

How to help

There are always many things to be done in the main Nim repository, check out the issues for things to do; pull requests are always welcome. You can also contribute to the many other projects hosted by the nim-lang organisation on github. If you can't find anything you fancy doing, you can always ask for inspiration on IRC ( #nim) or on the Nim forums.


If you love what we do and are feeling generous then you can always donate. Contributions of any quantity are greatly appreciated and will contribute to making Nim even better!



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