No matter the communication medium, we hope that you will find a place in our community. Just remember to be kind.

Chat rooms

By far the quickest and easiest way to get involved in our community is by joining one of our chat rooms.

Our official chat room is the #nim channel on You can access it in multiple ways:

Use an IRC client to connect to and join the #nim channel. You can also view the IRC Logs.

Join the Discord chat room, which relays messages both ways between IRC and Discord, by clicking here.

Join the Gitter chat room, which relays messages both ways between Matrix and Gitter, by clicking here.

Join the Matrix chat room, which relays messages both ways between Discord and Matrix, by clicking here.

Join the Telegram chat room, which relays messages both ways between Discord and Telegram by clicking here. There is also an italian Telegram that can be accessed by clicking here.

You can join this chat room to ask a quick question, or engage in a discussion about features and projects that interest you. For formal feature requests and issue reporting consult the Issues and RFCs section.

Be aware that all messages in Gitter, Discord, Matrix and IRC are logged. You can access the IRC logs of the #nim channel here.

The #nim channel is primarily for on-topic discussion. There is also an official #nim-offtopic channel for off-topic discussion.

If you dislike being logged, there is also a #nim-nologs channel.


This is a good place for long questions or to gauge the community’s interest on specific topics such as new features.

Nim forum


For announcements including news about releases, events and projects. Be sure to follow the official Twitter account and remember to mention the account when tweeting about Nim!



The blog is where we will be posting release announcements and other news first. If you are an avid RSS user then it should be just for you.

Nim blog

Blog feed


The Nim subreddit contains many user-submitted announcements, blog posts, discussions. It is a good place to share your work with the Nim community and to get updates about the project so be sure to hit that subscribe button.



There is already an active number of Nim developers answering questions on StackOverflow, you can be one of them. It is also a good place for newcomers to get help with their project. Be sure to use the nim tag when asking questions.



If you’re planning on organising a Nim meetup, please let us know, we would love to include it here and announce it via Twitter and other means.

As of right now, there don’t appear to be any active meetups, although the following groups have been set up:

Issues and RFCs

The issue tracker is hosted on GitHub together with the main repository. Most projects under the Nim umbrella have their own issue tracker:

If you have found an issue in the compiler, the standard library or any of the tools then please create an issue in the relevant repository. If appropriate include a minimal example reproducing the issue.

If you have a feature request, then consider creating a formal RFC (Request For Comments). In it you should describe the feature clearly, including the use cases that you foresee for the feature and anything else that you think is relevant. RFCs are currently submitted to the issue tracker.


A good place for general user-submitted articles and content. For instance, things like random howtos, tutorials, notes, links to interesting content, and so on. It’s also a good place to post material or ideas that come up during forum or IRC chats, for instance.

It’s hosted on GitHub, but also very easy for anyone to edit and share quickly, without needing to make pull requests.

Users and contributors map

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