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Install Nim on Windows

Download x86 zip SHA256
Download x86_64 zip SHA256

Notes about binary installation

The installation using the provided zip files should be fairly straightforward. Simply extract the files into the desired installation directory.

Configuring the PATH environment variable

The binaries from the zip file live inside the bin directory. It is common for Nim developers to include two directories in their PATH environment variable:

The zip file includes a simple application called finish.exe that can attempt to add the first directory into your PATH. This tool also attempts to check for the presence of a C compiler. But because of differences between platforms, command shells and bugs in finish.exe, the modifications to the PATH variable may fail or you may see a false error message regarding your C compiler.

Notes about compiler dependencies

The Nim compiler needs a C compiler in order to compile software. You must install this separately and ensure that it is in your PATH.

The following versions of MingW are known to work with the latest version of Nim.

Other dependencies

There are a number of other dependencies that you may need to install in order to use Nim. They include:

Windows users can download the DLLs for these here.