Version 1.0.2 released

The Nim team is happy to announce version 1.0.2, our first patch release following Nim 1.0.0.

To read more about version 1.0.0, take a look at our release article from just a month ago.

Although this release comes only one month after a previous release, it has over 60 new commits, fixing over 40 reported issues, making our 1.0 release even better.

Installing 1.0.2

If you have installed a previous version of Nim using choosenim, getting Nim 1.0.2 is as easy as:

$ choosenim update stable

If you don’t have it already, you can get choosenim by following these instructions or you can install Nim by following the instructions on our install page.


Find this release's changelog together with the rest of Nim's source code in our GitHub repository.