This Month with Nim

Guest post
This is a guest post by Jason Beetham. If you would like to publish articles as a guest author on then get in touch with us via Twitter or otherwise.

I will be starting a monthly blog post for community showcase entitled “This Month with Nim”.

This will be a method for developers in the Nim community to publish a small part of a blog post showing off what Nim is capable of and what people are working on. A brief example of what a post might look like is below.

January’s Month With Nim

Discord Bot

Author: Jason Beetham

Hello everyone, my current project is a Discord bot that utilizes a DSL to create an easily extendible bot. This DSL generates an async procedure so you only have to write the body, reducing the repetitive task of matching a procedure signature. To add a command users just have to make a Nim file in the command folder then replicate the following code.

import command
  name: hello
  description: "This command sends hello"
    discard await discord.api.sendMessage(discordMsg.channelID, "hello")

This automatically subscribes the command, and thanks to a macro all files in the command folder are imported so nothing else is required. If you care to check it out you can look here.

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