Nim receives $100k in Bitcoin donations

Earlier this year we have had the privilege of receiving 1.868BTC (~117k USD at time of writing) to our long-standing Bitcoin wallet address. We wanted to take this opportunity to give our thanks for this donation and many others across our many different fundraising efforts. But to also outline the steps we have taken to secure our funds and announce that the old Bitcoin wallet address has now been deprecated.

Generous Bitcoin Donation to Nim

(The transaction of the donation in question, also viewable here on blockchain explorer.)

The Bitcoin wallet that we have been using was created all the way back in 2011. We’ve received some small donations here and there, in hindsight we should have secured these funds much earlier[1], but the relatively large recent donation has spurred us into action. Essentially what we did was move the funds to hardware wallets owned by the core development team. This way we have significantly reduced the risk of the funds being stolen.

This means that we have a new Bitcoin donation address:

  • bc1qzgw3vsppsa9gu53qyecyu063jfajmjpye3r2h4

This is where the majority of the funds have been sent and where all new BTC donations should be sent as well.

We now also have an Ethereum address:

  • 0xC1d472B409c1bdCd8C0E45515D18F08a55fE9fa8

As a final word, we would also like to ask that if anyone is looking to send us a large donation to our Bitcoin or Ethereum address, please start by sending us a small amount first and get in touch with us about your intentions. This is just to make sure that we can confirm that the funds have made it to our wallets safely. If crypto is not your thing, be sure to check out our donation page for other ways to support the development of Nim.

Thanks again for all your support over the years. Your contributions, both monetary as well as in the form of pull requests and community building helped make Nim what it is today.

[1] - Just like with backups, it’s very important to ensure you have access to your Bitcoin wallet and that it’s safe against attacks. If you are reading this and remember an old wallet sitting on your flash drive, now might be time to invest in a hardware wallet and transfer all your funds there.